Zero Waste Jam visiting the Zquetschte Zwetschkn in Linz

Zquetschte Zwetschkn Earlier this week I met up with Felicitas Egger, Daniela Waser and Birgit Mikulaschek of Zquetschte Zwetschkn in Linz.

Zquetschte Zwetschkn and Zero Waste Jam have similar goals, but are structured in quite different ways, which lead to interesting discussions and plenty of room for exchanging ideas and advice on how to proceed.

You can get more into about the Zquetschte Zwetschkn on Facebook. They also have a fashion upcycling initiative up and running! More about Nähküche here.

Thanks Felicitas, Daniela and Birgit for your time!

Btw, try to pronounce Zquetschte Zwetschkn... might help if you now some German ;) I've managed to get it right one single time! Even though I've practised in secret... Zquetschte Zwetschkn is written in Austrian dialect and means something like The Squeezed Plums.

Evelina Lundqvist