Zero Waste Jam featured in Die Zeit

Zero Waste Jam - Evelina Lundqvist This is media attention extraordinaire! Thursday last week Zero Waste Jam was featured in German weekly newspaper Die Zeit. That is BIG if you live in a German speaking country.

There are two mistakes in the article that we'd like to correct. The most important is that Staud's name is Hans, not Martin. The other is Evelina Lundqvist's last name. If you'd like to Google her (or something...) you'd better try with a V and not a U. Typical German-speaking writing error ;) Another point we'd like to make is that the support from Hans Staud comes through Hired by Society's fellowship programme, and the photo of Evelina is of course taken by Rupert Pessl.

That's all :)

Read the full article on Die Zeit's website. Wooohoo! Sooo cool :D

In case you missed it, we're looking for a change maker and jam lover to join Zero Waste Jam start-up team.

Zero Waste Jam - Evelina Lundqvist - Michael Bauer-Leeb