Working with sustainable development can seem like a difficult and big task. With MethodKit for Sustainable Development you can easily get an overview of the which issues and questions you need to address within your organisation. This kit is suitable for sustainability rookies as well as experts.

MethodKit for Sustainable Development contains 55 illustrated cards, each representing a key issue that will help you define and give structure to your sustainability work. The cards become catalysts for strategic conversations and decisions. They give you an overview and inspire you to learn and do more for a happy planet. Using the cards is an easy and fun way to appraoch in-depth discussions and action.

MethodKit for Sustainable Development can be used for analysing the current situation and materiality, for writing a sustainability strategy according to e.g. ISO, GRI or your own requirements, and for developing new innovative concepts, campaigns, products and services.

You can use the cards on your own or book a workshop with us. Workshop and consulting prices on request.

MethodKit for Sustainable Development is available in English, German and Swedish. 

MethodKit for Sustainable Development is a cooperation between MethodKit and The Good Tribe.