Zero Waste Jam wants jam loving business partner

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Zero Waste Jam - Fairfair - 02 We’re looking for an entrepreneurial key person to the Zero Waste Jam team: a person who’s passionate about food and sustainability, in particular jam and related products.

Your task will be everything jam: coordinating production, quality management,  sourcing glasses, fruits and other ingredients and distribution.

If you’re looking for a regular 9 to 5 job you can stop reading now. There’s neither regularity nor pay, nor fixed hours attached to this position. While we’re at it, this whole thing could flop before you’ve said “Yes yes yes I wanna do this!”.

Well, now that we’ve established the basics – and you’re still reading – things are getting interesting!

This is a great opportunity for you to create your own job, management position, or even become a co-owner of Zero Waste Jam in the future. We get paid when we sell jam, as goes for all of the team. It’s not going to make us rich (at least not at first), but as the start-up grows there’s a chance to generate income.

If you’re the person we’re looking for you most likely have lots of cooking and kitchen experience, you’re passionate about high quality food and want to share your knowledge and experience with other people, you like to work independently in a strong team, and you’d love to have a key role in an adventurous, dynamic start-up.

You preferably live in Vienna or are free to travel to Vienna a couple of times per month. You’re comfortable working in German as well as in English. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a student or have years and years of working experience. What matters is that we share goals and values, that we’re productive together, and that we enjoy each other’s company.

Our agenda for 2013 is to recruit and educate jam producers (Zero Waste Jam entrepreneurs), source fruits in order to cook jam, and establish Zero Waste Jam on the Austrian market. Our objectives for the future are to establish our business model in other countries, organize workshops, a vivid blog, zero waste cookbooks etc.

The future is ours to create!

About Zero Waste Jam Zero Waste Jam is delicious fruity homemade jam produced and sold by Zero Waste Jam entrepreneurs. Our jam is made from fruits and berries we gather through donations, from abandoned or excess sources, as well as from our own gardens and forrest. Everything under the motto: Use what you have! The purpose of Zero Waste Jam beyond yummy jam is to offer solutions for a zero waste society, opportunities to develop your social entrepreneurial skills, and to fight food illiteracy and excessive consumption.

Zero Waste Jam is part of The Good Tribe The Good Tribe is a social venture that offers innovative tools to raise awareness and create passion for a zero waste society. Our core competences are social entrepreneurship, zero waste, and outside-the-box thinking and action taking.

Let us know if you’re interested in joining our team a.s.a.p. We’ll start dialogue with interested people beginning of February.

Send us your CV with references, but even more important, send us a few sentences that describe why you think Zero Waste Jam is so interesting, what you could contribute to the team and in the process of establishing Zero Waste Jam.

For further questions and application: Evelina Lundqvist, initiator Zero Waste Jam and CEO The Good Tribe +43 650 51 00 419 (AUT), evelina [a]

Taste the Change!