It's official: Zero Waste Jam is Hired by Society

Christine Spernbauer - Evelina Lundqvist We've known it for quite some time now, and today it's time to make the big announcement: Zero Waste Jam and Evelina are Hired by Society.

Starting February 1, Hans Staud founder of Staud's jams is supporting Zero Waste Jam and Evelina through a five months scholarship to develop the initiative further.

Evelina will post updates about the progress of Zero Waste Jam here on the blog, and over at Hired by Society's blog.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Zero Waste Jam yet, here's a short description: Zero Waste Jam is delicious homemade jam produced and sold by zero waste entrepreneurs. The jam is made from fruits gathered through donations, from abandoned or excess sources, as well as from public or private gardens and the woods.

Thank you Christine of Hired by Society for all your hard work and Hans Staud for your generous contribution!

Happy day! Taste the Change!