First stop on Stockholm's Climate Smart tour - Thorildsplans gymnasium

October 3 was a big day for the city of Stockholm, as well as The Good Tribe - the Climate Smart / Klimatsmart framtid tour premiered! The venue for our first stop was Thorildplans gymnasium.  Our guest for Uppstickartalkshowen (we now even have an english name for it! The Standout Talkshow) on October 3 were Haval Murad, founder and architect of Detail Group, Jeppe Dyberg Larsen, co-founder of Ecocharter and Bonkeli - cradle to cradle childrens' clothes, and Caroline Strindmar, head of sustainability at Yasuragi Hasseludden Spa.

A million thanks to our fantastic guests and to the students of Thorildplans gymnasium. Thanks for your hard works throughout the day, and your brilliant ideas in the workshops!

Below are some impressions from the day.

Photo: Stockholms stad