On the podcast: No excuse for single-use (S2, E10)

Annemarie Harant from  Erdbeerwoche  and Afreen Kamran from  Eco.pal  are experts in episode 10 of Love Zero Waste,  “No excuse for single-use”  (S2, E10).

Annemarie Harant from Erdbeerwoche and Afreen Kamran from Eco.pal are experts in episode 10 of Love Zero Waste, “No excuse for single-use” (S2, E10).


Time to wrap up season 2!

We’re drowning in everyday single-use items - plastic and otherwise! Toothbrushes, medication and grocery packaging, straws, tampons, coffee-to-go cups, paper and plastic bags, stockings, newspapers… The list is never-ending.

In this episode, we’re meeting experts Annemarie Harant from Erdbeerwoche and Afreen Kamran from Eco.pal. Annemarie and Afreen are entrepreneurs working to educate and provide alternatives to single-use items on a large scale. Annemarie and Afreen share insights on fighting the habit to use and immediately dispose of everyday items, and what is being done through policy changes and mobilising youth to make a change.

Annemarie and Afreen are driven by strong numbers. They have both done surveys on human behaviour and observed what items end up in the bin or being flushed down the toilet. Moreover, they share a passion for not only making a change for themselves but for the masses. Prepare to get inspired!

Also, Evelina and Malin reveal their own favourite single-use items. Could all single-use items be swapped for multiple-use? Perhaps. At least if you have an ear-scratching affinity...

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