The magic of composting - science, business and awareness building (S2, E8)

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We’re taking a closer look at composting! Here’s episode eight of the Love Zero Waste podcast: “The magic of composting” (S2, E8). Did you know that the transformation from biomass to humus soil is key to survival on earth? Since very few plants can grow without humus, we’re dependent on it. Let's dig into the science, business and awareness building of composting!

In this episode, Evelina pays a visit to Alfred Grand, founder of Vermigrand, an earthworm compost and humus business in Austria. Malin meets up with Hana Nur Auliana, growth hacker of Waste4Change, a compost, recycling and consulting company in Indonesia. Moreover,  we chat to Ben Conard, marketing director of Noissue a compostable mailer business in New Zealand. 

Alfred explains how composting works, he dives into hot and cold options, the commercial production of Vermigrand’s organic humus soil, and all the ways to keep earthworms happy and eager to do their work. Hana talks about Waste4Change’s programs “Send Your Waste” and “Zero Waste to Landfill”, and the incredible efficiency of the Indonesian black soldier fly. Ben shares Noissue’s insights on composting as an incremental part of your business model and enabling for businesses and end-consumers to make environmentally sustainable choices. 

All in all, this is an episode celebrating not only earthworms and black soldier flies - but the critical change small and medium-sized business can contribute to! Oh, and by the “magic of composting”, we mean the science and biology of composting, it’s just so cool, we couldn’t help ourselves. This certainly is magical!


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