Kicking off season two of Love Zero Waste with plastics - or how to quit them (S2, E6)

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We’re back! This is episode six, the first episode of season two of the Love Zero Waste podcast: “How plastics revolutionised our lives and are now destroying the planet”. Experts in this episode are Maggie Lee, lead of market transformation at WWF Singapore and Anders Ankarlid, founder of A Good Company.

Plastics, plastic pollution, renewable plastic substitutes are hot topics at the moment. So what better topic to kick off the season with than plastics - or rather how to reduce and quit them.

Plastics have revolutionised our lives in so many ways. It’s created significant improvements in hygiene, health care, transportation, packaging food and beverages, and so much more. However, there’s a backside to plastics. We’ve all seen the photos of dead or even desiccated animals with bellies full of plastics. Plastics are everywhere, and the consequences are devastating.

Experts in this this episode: Maggie Lee and Anders Ankarlid

This episode’s experts Maggie Lee, lead of market transformation at WWF Singapore and Anders Ankarlid, founder of A Good Company help us understand why some businesses are hesitant to join in the effort to switch to sustainable alternatives to plastics, cases when businesses have tried to do good - but actually made things worse, what some of the real and working solutions to remove plastics are, and that stone paper is actually a thing (!). Also, Evelina gets annoyed at the people who keep obsessing about the focus on straws.

Oh, and apart from kicking off season two, we have another cause for celebration.

Since we released the first episodes of Love Zero Waste in January, we’ve had 8000 unique listeners across the different podcast platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast etc.

For us, that’s big! Thank you so much for listening, and for sending us encouraging messages.


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