MBA students transforming business as usual to social entrepreneurship

The Good Tribe - Transforming business into social entrepreneurship A month ago today, on March 23, we taught social entrepreneurship to a class of MBA students during their CSR and Business Ethics specialisation at Danube University Krems.   In order to explore the topic of social entrepreneurship we decided to let the students apply their newly gained theoretical knowledge on real business cases in their own business contexts.

Download the compilation of texts here. (PDF)

We thought this could be an interesting opportunity to find out how much change a group of students can achieve in one hour, the time the students had to finish their task. Before the hour started the students were introduced to the task: to transform a single bottom line business into a triple bottom line one, where environmental and social aspects are equally important as financial gains. Namely, to transform their businesses into social entrepreneurial ones.

Now you can download the compilation of the texts the students wrote in class. The multitude of approaches the students used to solve the task was exhilarating. Some worked on existing businesses and others even created completely new businesses in class.

Our motivation for sharing these texts with you is to inspire you to transform your business as well and to spread the students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Thanks to all our students! Great work in very little time.

We wish you inspiring reading, Michael & Evelina