The Good Tribe makes first impressions with a jingle

When we started working with our school talk show concept, The Standout Talkshow last autumn in Stockholm we soon decided we wanted a real talk show jingle to kick off the show, and to welcome our guests. The one and only Joakim Jarl helped realise our dream! (Thank you again Joakim!) So, when it was time to plan a big moderation job in Austria, Graz Waste Management Conference 2013, we got inspired by The Standout Talkshow and immediately thought: "Heck yes, we need a jingle!". The person who came along to realise our dream this time... was perhaps a bit more unexpected...


Say hello to 10-year-old Luca Wölfer! 

Luca Wölfer - 02

As part of one of Luca's school projects he made us a jingle to play as we enter the stage. The jingle is mainly in German, but there's English and French in there as well. Very impressive. Listen for yourself below. The photos were taken during the creative process of making the jingle.

Luca Wölfer - 01

Thank you so much Luca for helping us! And thank you also Bernd Wölfer for your support! :)