How often does somebody write you a poem!?

Pink rose

After sending out The Good Tribe's fourth Love letter we got a lovely lovely email in response, namely a poem about The Good Tribe. We've received kind and encouraging emails before, but never a poem. So we thought we'd share this creative kindness with the rest of you! 

Translated from German.

- - -

wow there is hope you really do exist or one would have to pray that you finally should find each other

and find the good tribe but this is not necessary anymore there you are there is hope

a silent adorer and admirer don't wonder be that wonder and a gift to the world

sparkling elf dust and a pot at the end of the rainbow white unicorns and black thunder securing and announcing your mission wow there is hope forget about hope and everything is already good


there is a good tribe

- - -

Thank you Bernd!

The pink rose is from the bouquets Sandra, Gayathri and Evelina were given after their speech at the Botkyrka business gala in November 2012.