Welcome Mariana Rodrigues!

Since three weeks we have had the great support from our collaborator Mariana Rodrigues for our Adventure Education pilot, a star student at the Environmental Engineering program at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

When we started planning for the coming expedition that will be our pilot for the Adventure Education, a series of adventure documentaries about sustainability and the life of professional adventurers. We realized that we need one more person who is familiar with Florianopolis as well as sustainability. So where could we find a person like that in Florianopolis during summer time? The answer became obvious, the beach! So, there we went. We searched for a sharp person, passionate about sustainability, with an innovative mindset, organized, and fluent in english - who could contribute with valuable input.

After gathering an amazing amount of sand between our toes we found what we were looking for. We are therefor pinkyliciously pleased to welcome Mariana Rodrigues to our Tribster team!

Bem-vindo Mariana!