Tribsters pitch training session for Social Impact Award

Today, we kicked off the fourth Tribster meeting day at 09.00 CET. We started talking about sustainable living and working conditions in our daily lives, we dug deeper into Zero Waste Lab, Zero Waste Jam and the Zero Waste Apparel. Afterwards we prepared and executed a pitch training workshop for the Social Impact Award - a social entrepreneurial business idea competition. The purpose of the pitch training workshop was to support the participants of the Social Impact Award competition to learn how to improve their pitch of their social entrepreneurial business idea. We facilitated a version of the Open Space method in order to support the participants individually based on their needs and to help them to reflect on some specific, important aspects of their idea. Questions like; What is your social and/or environmental impact, how do you target your pitch, what makes your business unique?

The time flies and unfortunately I will be leaving tomorrow. But I hope to participate through Skype during the rest of the week and that we will have time for a first yoga session with our very own yoga teacher Sandra Kinnaman before I leave tomorrow!