Shifting from homo oeconomicus to homo sustinens

The tribsters are brainstorming about Zero Waste Jam

”We do not have a large narrative anymore, and no visions that motivate and drive us. This vacuum is not good. We would need a new Apollo project, an over arching idea which activates large potential in a short time.”

– Ulrich Grober, author of Die Entdeckung der Nachhaltigkeit (The discovery of Sustainability)

Every time we get together in The Good Tribe it feels like there aren’t enough hours to the day. Within minutes the sparkling tribster atmosphere quickly spreads throughout the room, and solving all the big challenges we’re facing in the world seems totally doable. Responding to Grober (in the quote above) The Good Tribe is in the midst of creating a new narrative for sustainability, and new Apollo projects are on the way...

It’s amazing to be surrounded with big visionaries, intelligent dreamers and competent doers. To be part of creating a completely new kind of corporate culture and developing innovative methodologies to work with social and environmental change.

Today's conversations have gone from how we communicate sustainability in the best way to what the differences are between Zero Waste, Cradle to Cradle and the idea of a circular economy? We’ve dug deeper into Zero Waste Lab, Zero Waste Jam (yummm) and the Summer School workshops in Graz.

We also outlined the structure for our first white paper on Zero Waste, where a central part that we feel is lacking in the existing concept is the social waste factor - the waste of human resources. Stay tuned for our next exciting joint research which will be published in May!

Love, Sandra