Teaching social entrepreneurship at the University of Dance and Circus

Evelina infront of the university's huge artsy metal logo.

A few months ago The Good Tribe got an invitation from Johan Thelander and Anders Jacobsson of Hybris konstproduktion to teach a course on articulating your message and entrepreneurship at the University and Circus and Dance in Stockholm. Evelina accepted the invitation with the mission of tribifying the world!

It's a great experience to teach! Our methods may not be very traditional - but still it's teaching! I've never taught at a university before so I'm really excited to meet the students and see if I can reach them with my thoughts on management and articulating your ideas - which the course is about. So for, the response from the students has been overwhelming. They really seem to enjoy and think about the messages that we're trying to convey to them.

We're more than half way through the course now and every day I've felt so empowered leaving the classroom when we're finished for the day. The students have so much experience and knowledge to share. We've had great discussions on economy, philosophy, entrepreneurship and sustainability - on a structural as well as pragmatic day-to-day level. And since I don't know much about dance or circus for that matter I'm really interested to hear how the students connect their passions - with my passions.

This is also the first that The Good Tribe is collaborating with Johan Thelander and Anders Jacobsson at Hybris konstproduktion who invited us to join in to lead the course. It's very interesting to get to know and work with a duo that has worked together for ten years already. Me and Gayathri have collaborated the last two years, so it's very inspiring to get an insight with somebody who has done it for a really long time. Johan and Anders - thanks for the invite :D And I'll see you all in a few hours for another session together! Lets gooooooooo!

/Evelina Lundqvist