On the role of social media in the egyptian revolution

Saturday, the 21st of May, Sandra Kinnaman Nordström and Evelina Lundqvist from the Good Tribe had the honors of  interviewing movie maker Karim El-shenawy. Karim was one of the many active brave men and women who participated in the revolution in Egypt. You can watch the interview below, it's online on Bambuser. Being a movie maker who uses Youtube and Facebook to spread his message, Karim talked about topics such as the role of social media vs. traditional during the revolution, the democratization process that now awaits the country, the upcoming elections and what the atmosphere was like on the Tahir square.

We received a phone call about four weeks ago from our dear friend, blogger and keynote speaker Micke Gunnarsson, whom on behalf of Lisa Wagnborg and Johan Sandevärn project managers of the YC3 project at Region Blekinge, was searching for a nice workshop concept for the afternoon of the YC3 final conference.

We started to brainstorm what an involvement of The Good Tribe could look like and quickly had the idea of inviting someone who really knew how to make a difference by using social media to spark public opinion - why not somebody from Egypt. We remembered that one of The Good Tribe's friends, Rebecka Carlsson, spokesperson for the Youth Green Party in Sweden recently travelled to Egypt to meet young leaders - and bam!! - that's how we got in contact with Karim. We had no idea if it would work to get Karim here on time - but everything worked out just fine! Visa, tickets, traveling - it was a very tight schedule - but thanks to everyone involved everything worked perfectly.

We're also very happy with the interview with Karim and the innovative networking workshop that followed. It was amazing to feel the intense energy that was built up in the room among the ca 130 participants. Thanks for participating and sharing your ideas, contacts and experiences!

To round up we would just like to thank everyone involved! Thanks for your quick email answers, dedication and believing in the idea of inviting someone from far far away for inspirations! Lots of love to all of you!

If you have further questions on the concept or want to collaborate with The Good Tribe, please contact us! <3

/Evelina Lundqvist and Sandra Kinnaman Nordström