Zero Waste Summer Weeks for kids in Graz

During the summer tribster Alexandra Poetz led zero waste art and fashion workshops for children in Graz, Austria together with artists Undine Pega and Alexandra Engelmayer-Pendl. The children created a firework of art pieces from wasted packaging material, old scrap pieces of fabric and other things regarded by the many as trash...

Alexandra describes every day of the workshops as treasure hunt. They worked  interdisciplinary, fusing zero waste, creativity, recycling and upcycling. She also says:

“Creativity is the creative power to let something new arise, but also something to find what is already within us.”

WasteArt – Transforming trash into art In this workshop the children invented symbols from pieces of textiles otherwise regarded as trash, which they sew onto flag emblems. The emblems symbolized the children’s inner creativity and power.

Workshop leaders: Alexandra Poetz (fashion designer) and Undine Pega (painter).

FashionArt – Once a fashion designer, once an artist

In this spirit the children participating in this workshop painted, stamped, cut and sew until every child in the group had discovered the designer within him- or herself. The workshops leaders accompanied the children from their initial idea, through design, to finished artwork and garment. The workshop was wrapped up with a fashion show, in which the children showed their pieces to marveling parents.

Workshop leaders: Alexandra Poetz (fashion designer) and Alexandra Engelmayer-Pendl (painter & design therapist)

Thank you to everyone who supported our work – especially all participating children and supportive parents and the city of Graz.