Zero Waste Jam turns into art

Over night (literally), a few weeks ago, The Good Tribe, Zero Waste Jam and Evelina Lundqvist became part of the Swiss initiative Invest in Me. Invest in Me aims at fusing art and business, and create a completely new kind of business pitch with help of the arts. The initiative, or piece if you will (it will actually be performed in theaters in Austria, Germany and Switzerland!) is created and lead by Thom Reinhard and Monika Truong of Thom Truong. The project is based on social entrepreneurs and artists working together to explore the intersection between business and art. Evelina participates with Zero Waste Jam. The three other social entrepreneurs are Jonas Bieber of Laertes Training, Thomas Rippel of Organic Standard and Ed Trollope of Things We Don't Know.

This is what Mario Sinnhofer, artist and social entrepreneur says about Evelina and Zero Waste Jam:

"Zero Waste Jam is insane, isn't it? Insanely beautiful. What Evelina Lundqvist does is art. And she needs a bit of money to get things going, that's why she's here in the theatre - and the audience pays entrance to see her, because only the idea in itself is marvelous already."

Below you find a sneak peek from the first Invest in Me rehearsing weekend in Zürich, end of July.

Evelina practicing lines.

Evelina and actress Judith Koch working on their Invest in Me piece.

Judith and Evelina in deep discussion.

Lunch gathering with the whole crew.

Do we need to add that Evelina can't stop smiling when talking about this project....

Photo: Simon Widmer