Real change at Botkyrka business gala

Sandra, Gayathri and Evelina - The Good Tribe
Sandra, Gayathri and Evelina - The Good Tribe

A few weeks ago we received an invitation from Ellen Carlsson of Botkyrka municipality to speak at Botkyrka Business Gala (Botkyrkagalan in Swedish). The topic: Future business and sustainable development! We felt truly honored to be chosen to speak at this occasion since it's our dream to speak about exactly these topics with fellow entrepreneurs. (Also because we were main speakers together with Swedish sustainable development guru Anders Wijkman!)

On Friday, November 16, the day of the business gala finally arrived. And what an evening this turned out to be! We got SO much lovely encouraging feedback on our speech. Beforehand we thought we would be too provocative, but it turned out to be just right. Lots of people came up to us afterwards and asked for meetings. Absolutely brilliant! We've got some really interesting business contacts to follow up on now.

Thank you Ellen & Co. for inviting us. A beautiful evening with so much interesting people!

We also managed to contribute to some real change on spot. One of the entrepreneurs' support organizations that handed out prizes during the evening (a new business person of the year award) announced on stage that thanks to our speech, they will now include sustainable development as a criteria when they choose next years winner. How awesome is that!!

Happy Sunday evening everyone!