“A-year-of-trash-in-a-jar and the packaging-free grocery store” (S1, E4)

The Love Zero Waste podcast guest: zero waste entrepreneur Sarah Reindl and blogger Carlyn Grebleski.

The Love Zero Waste podcast guest: zero waste entrepreneur Sarah Reindl and blogger Carlyn Grebleski.

In this episode of Love Zero Waste, “A-year-of-trash-in-a-jar and the packaging-free grocery store”, you’ll meet two experts on how to live a zero waste lifestyle. Blogger Carlyn Grebleski of Less Waste World has been putting her trash in a jar for more than one and a half year and zero waste entrepreneur Sarah Reindl has opened two packaging free grocery store, Das Gramm and Das Dekagramm.

Carlyn and Sarah share their best insights on living a zero waste lifestyle, discussing topics such as determining the borders of one’s responsibilities, choosing the right-sized jar, what you need to do before switching to bars of shampoo and soap, better household finances as an argument for going zero waste, the transformation a packaging-free supermarket can inspire in the food industry and the challenges of only putting compostable stuff in your bathroom bin. And yes, there’s juice stuff for all of you systems’ change fans as well.

When you Google Zero Waste, or perhaps even more so, when you check it out on social media, the zero waste community manifests itself through lifestyle blogs, DIY guides, upcycling ideas, suggestions for avoiding food waste, food packaging and plastic bags and bottles. A large portion of the attention point in the direction of single individuals - of citizens. So this is what we’re taking a closer look at in this episode: The responsibility of the individual. And we’re doing so through the lens of two phenomena that have become almost synonymous with the zero waste movement - putting your entire years’ waste in a glass jar - and the plastic packaging free supermarket.

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