Yeesss!! We're releasing a podcast: Love Zero Waste

A dream that I’ve had for a long time is about to become reality! Together with Malin Leth of Circulous, I’m releasing the podcast Love Zero Waste. We’re starting to record next week, and we’ll share the first episodes with you at the beginning of 2019.

Through the podcast Love Zero Waste, we want to raise awareness and inspire people and organisations to work together to find solutions for zero waste. We want Love Zero Waste to contribute to making it easy for consumers to make sustainable choices, encourage organisations to offer sustainable solutions and create public opinion in favour of a zero waste society. Moreover, we firmly believe that it's only together, through co-creation, with efforts at all levels in society, that we can rapidly create large-scale change.

In the podcast, we’re exploring how businesses, cities and even countries — how you and I — can contribute to creating a zero waste society. You’ll hear change agents, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists and policymakers share their insights, the latest research and revolutionary ideas on how to create a zero waste society.

We’ve got speakers booked for the three first episodes, and ideas for a whole bunch of them. If you'd like to collaborate or contribute in-kind or financially to making Love Zero Waste happen, do get in touch. Let's co-create!

Read more about Love Zero Waste.

You’ll hear more from us soon!

Malin Leth of Circulous (top) and Evelina Lundqvist of The Good Tribe (bottom).

Malin Leth of Circulous (top) and Evelina Lundqvist of The Good Tribe (bottom).