Premiering: The Change Maker* #1

This week I did something that I'm very proud of. I releases my and The Good Tribe's newsletter The Change Maker. If you're following me on Instagram you might have heard me talking about my blurbs from time to time. Well this was one of them... sort of. Or to be more accurate, this is what one of the blurbs evolved into.

The Change Maker is a newsletter with insights and inspiration for you, my fellow change makers*. I know from own experience that being a change maker isn't always easy, and I'd love to share news, articles, podcasts, video clips and much more that can strengthen you in your work, give you new perspectives and ask important questions. 

In order to get to know you, my dear reader and/or subscriber, in this first issue I'm asking an essential question: 

What is your current number one struggle as a change maker?

Understanding your needs as a fellow change maker will help me understand how I can support your work better. This way I can curate the best content for you. Do let me know what you're struggling with. My ambition for The Change Maker is to become an important source of knowledge and inspiration for you. Even if you're not a subscriber (yet?!) feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

If you want to promote your business, conference, blog, service or product, or if you've just read a dynamite article or listened to an amazing podcast and want to share your enthusiasm with the world - let me know. If I love it, I might feature it. None of the content in The Change Maker is paid, I share because I care.

And rest assured! There are more blurbs in the pipeline. 

If you feel like subscribing, you can do so here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

*Social entrepreneurs and innovators, CSR and sustainability managers, impact investors, activists, policy makers, artists and creatives... YOU!

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