5 insights from the international Tribster meeting

Twice a year we try to get all members of the core team of The Good Tribe together for some precious face to face time. We're truly experts on working together online, but few online tools can beat an IRL meeting, at least in the long run. This international tribster meeting was held in Vienna, March 28 to April 1.

Three major aspects made this meeting very different from the others we've held so far. Firstly, quite some time passed since the last meeting and we were all rather overwhelmed with joy to see each other again. So many things happened in our lives since last time, only updating took a lot of time. Just like it should! Secondly, co-founder Gayathri is on sabbatical leave during 2014. We all miss her lots, wish her the best of times and are already looking forward to 2015. Gayathri participated in the meeting via Skype. She's currently residing on the Galapagos Islands. Thirdly, we have a new core tribster! Behavioural economics expert, sustainability consultant and project manager Ida Lemoine.

Here are five insights from the meeting:

“It's super cool to be working together with all tribsters. You realize that with all those brilliant minds, it is possible in a short amount of time, to create a lot of pink magic.“

Ida Lemoine

"It is hard to sum up the most positive experience, since these days have been full of so much awesomeness! However, two highlights were - the process of slimming down our social value proposition and holding the MethodKit for Sustainable Development workshop - seeing the pink cards in action! Pink Methods ftw!"

Sandra Kinnaman Nordström

"You need to explore the vast ocean of experience and opportunities, which were not possible if you took the straight line. If you want to know what you do, what you are, and what you offer - take a detour. It’s not the straight line that leads you to your goal."

Michael Bauer-Leeb

"It's a different and intensive world we dove into during a few days. So many gifts realised themselves for us and for The Good Tribe. Some of them we found along our path, and some of them we created by ourselves. I love to have one more tribster on board. Ida is a natural born tribster ;-)"

Alexandra Poetz

"It's such a blast to see everyone (or almost everyone) face to face. It's so good, to extend our conversations beyond projects and business and also catch up on relationships, workout and yoga schemes, watch stupid Youtube movies and laugh together. Meeting everyone is truly a great way to fill up on energy."

Evelina Lundqvist

We're very excited to see how the group dynamics change and how we during the meeting created an entirely new strategy for The Good Tribe. We now define ourselves (also to the rest of the world!) as sustainability and creativity consultants. You'll start noticing our new strategy within the coming weeks.

Have a great week! 

Thanks Rupert Pessl Photography for your smashing photos and Milestone for the creative location.