The Good Tribe's first big milestone

Big things are happening in The Good Tribe, we’re reaching an important milestone in our development. In this very moment, we’re starting our limited company – a dream we’ve had together for three years now. Some people ask us why it’s taken us so long to move from being independent consultants to actually start a joint business. The reason: trust and long-term thinking.

Many founding partners of companies split up during the first three years of doing business, and we ended up using these three years trying our business ideas. Instead of starting a limited from the beginning we decided to understand how we work together best, and how we handle tough situations, and conflicts. We wanted to build value and content before building structures. We wanted to build slow, with a clear long-term perspective. So let’s go back in time a bit; this is how we did, this is how we started to build trust and engage in long-term thinking.

As we traveled the bumpy roads of India in a charming van, three years ago, a vision and common goals started to take shape. Throughout the many hours we spent in the van passing through rural and urban India we talked about dreams, fears, passion, love, challenges, relationships, and how we see the world of the past, and of the future. A strong friendship grew, and as we realized that we shared very similar visions a strong business partnership started to flourish. We decided to find a way to work together even though we already at that time were living in different countries, Sweden and Austria.

Traveling through India gave us important insights into the challenges we face as people, and as a society. Many of our discussions in the van evolved around how to achieve the change we want. One big insight was the lesson of self-help. The poverty in India is something you can’t ignore, ones you’ve faced it, and the million-dollar question is: How do we fix it? Our vision became rooted in the belief that entrepreneurship and education is key helping people out of poverty. Realizing this, our path became clear, we needed to become brilliant entrepreneurs ourselves in order to be able to support others to do the same. Our vision became to create a dynamic platform, gathering people wanting to work with creating solutions for social and environmental change by using entrepreneurship and creativity.

Since our trip to India we’ve also identified that it takes a lot more than being a skilled entrepreneur in order to be successful in our area of work. We need to be entrepreneurs, and at the same time stars at social and environmental impact.

So, coming back to the first point of this blog entry; building trust and long-term thinking. It’s not the times when things are going good and prosperous that we really get to know whom we work or live with. Every time we face a hard situation in business or private is a possibility to win the trust of someone we care about.

Lots of love and light! Gayathri and Evelina