Michael at ACRN's Spring School on Social Entrepreneurship

Last Monday, April 23 The Good Tribe was invited by Othmar Lehner - one of the supervisors of Evelina's and Michael's master's thesis, and head of ACRN - to present their research findings, as well as The Good Tribe at ACRN's Spring School on Social Entrepreneurship. ACRN is an academic research and collaboration network dedicated to enhance and broaden the knowledge of social entrepreneurship.

Michael had a great two-hour discussion with doctoral students and social entrepreneurship experts from around the globe. Evelina was also scheduled to participate, but she unfortunately got sick the day before.

Michael reports: "We talked about our findings of the master's thesis, as well as about The Good Tribe's mojo, vision and goals. It was a fantastic event thriving with energy and lots of Q&A!"

Thanks to Othmar Lehner and Karin Stichlberger for organizing and hosting a great event - we're happy to come again :)

Photo: Karin Stichlberger, edit The Good Tribe