A 3D academic view on social entrepreneurship

On Wednesday, May 23, 18:30 we are co-organizing A 3D academic view on social entrepreneurship in The Hub Vienna. 

Learn about the latest insights and research on social entrepreneurship from four Hub Members that are not only serial social entrepreneurs, but also contributed to the academic discussion through their respective research. From the support needs of social entrepreneurs, to the relations of social entrepreneurs and business angels and the role of social entrepreneurship in poverty reduction, Evelina Lundqvist, Michael Bauer-Leeb, Katharina Norden and Hinnerk Hansen take the chance to share with you their academic perspective on Social Entrepreneurship with a space for Q&As.

Evelina Lundqvist and Michael Bauer-Leeb: "Facilitating a business relationship between social entrepreneurs and business angels."

Kathrina Norden (ThreeCoins): "Social entrepreneurship and the World Bank’s poverty reduction strategies: how to apply solutions that work."

Hinnerk Hansen: "The support needs of social entrepreneurs".

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See you there!  Michael & Evelina