Pitch training with The Good Tribe on Monday in The Hub Vienna

Monday, March 12 is going to be a great day! On that day 16:00-17:00 it's time for The Good Tribe's first pitch training, in a series of two together with Social Impact Award in The Hub Vienna! The second one is on March 19, 17:00-18:00.

And you know what!? The WHOLE team of us five tribsters is going to be there to support you on Monday! (That happens... like never, since we are spread out in Austria, Sweden, and Brasil. So make sure you utilize all our brains on Monday!) The first pitch training will focus on working on your pitch from different perspectives:

  • What is your social and/or environmental impact?
  • What are you looking for? Financing, network, mentoring, suppliers...
  • What is the mojo in your business model?
  • Try your pitch: your business in one sentence!

The second pitch training on March 19, will be dedicated to hard core pitching so that you will be fit for meeting the jury! You will definitely benefit from attending both events, but it's also perfectly okey to just attend one of them. Both trainings are one hour, and we'll be available for questions and input also afterwards.

Read more about the event in German (and sign up!!) on Facebook. And one more thing! Since The Good Tribe's crew is multilingual, you can also try your pitch in English, Spanish, Swedish or Tamil :) Here you find a summary of our first collaboration with Social Impact Award. The images above are also from this event.

Have a great Wednesday! 

PS. We're soon sending out The Good Tribe's first newsletter. If you want to get updates in your mail inbox, let us know.

Photo: Michael Koschutnig