The Good Tribe's first international meet-up

Two and a half intense days later we have completed the first international tribster meet-up! This was the first time all five of us met together in a business context. And we had lots to talk about :) We packed the days with getting-to-know-eachother exercises, personal feedback, meaningful conversations, synchronizing business ideas, strategic planning, lots of good food and a fun photo shoot with Rupert Pessl. (Keep an eye open for the amazing photos!)

The Good Tribe has many future strategic moves to make and you can follow some of them here on the blog. We'll keep you posted! One of the most important insights we had during our conversation was that The Good Tribe's products aren't for everyone - they are for brave customers who dare to walk the talk - who dare to create change for real!

Sandra, Alexandra and Michael - thanks again for spending your precious time with us!

Love! Gayathri and Evelina 

PS. The perfect scenery for the meeting was provided by The Hub Vienna. Be there or be square!