getting royal attention, a cooperation with the Municipality of Botkyrka in Stockholm was mentioned as one of the initiatives when Botkyrka received an honorary award in Earth Hour Capital Challenge 2011 by WWF for their work with "creative lifestyle changes". WWF's motivation in Swedish here. Since the end of the summer has been working in the municipality with a group of young designers and creatives. First out was our international workshop on climate change - fashion – and human rights in Graz, Austria in August. We have continued working with clothes swapping events and creative upcycling and redesign workshops throughout the year in the municipality.

Yesterday we were in Tumba Centrum to inaugurate the Climate Plaza that will be open for two weekends leading up to Earth Hour. The Swedish Princess and Prince were visiting during the day and found and The Good Tribe very interesting as a way of working with social change through entrepreneurship.

Price Daniel with an upcycled bra bag by Naim Josefi.
Erik, Sandra (project manager) and Mika from
Crown princess Viktoria at the table, talking to Iman.

More photos from the event in Tumba here.