Thank you 2010! And Happy New Year!

The end of 2010 is drawing nearer and we'd like to summarize through pictures taken in defining moments during the year. We'd also like to seize this moment to thank our participants, customers and partners who have shipped in and contributed to creating a better world 2010. Your challenges, good ideas, advice, love and care is amazing!

We would particularly like to thank our tribsters Sandra Kinnaman Nordström, Michael Bauer-Leeb and Alexandra Pötz for their splendid work. Moreover we'd like to thank Sofia Samuelsson, Jeremias Andersson, Louise König and Gudrun Uranitsch - you have all posed crucial critical questions which has helped us grow as people and in our way of doing business!

We can't wait to see you all again in 2011!

Gayathri Rathinavelu and Evelina Lundqvist

Hard work pays off! The name and the concept of Hjärna.Hjärta.Cash. is the work of The Good Tribe. Gayathri and Evelina posing with the front page feature of the economy section of Göteborgsposten. Photo: The Good Tribe

Rework the World offered great networking possibilities with amazing people from all over the world. Evelina and Gayathri together with Björn Kåberger, Erik Hellsten and Johanna Lingaas Türk from CISV and Hjärna.Hjärta.Cash. Photo: The Good Tribe

Gayathri's adventures at Almedalsveckan, Gotland resulted in many new valuable contacts for The Good Tribe Photo: The Good Tribe

Gröna Brillor (Green Specs) featured in Smålandsposten. Can you see the specs laying on the table! Again - name, concept and project management by The Good Tribe. Photo: The Good Tribe

Sara Wihlborg, Louice dela Cruz and Sandra Tigerlind - our invaluable interns during Gröna Brillor (Green Goggles) in Växjö, Sweden in November. Thank you! Photo: The Good Tribe from's event in February 2010 in Graz at its best! A fusion of an old pair of jeans, screen print by Zerum and glitter works by Marianna Asatrjan. Photo: The Good Tribe
Our amazing participants from the's international workshop on sustainability, human rights and climate change connection to fashion: Maximilia Ott, Mai Le Van, Luka Rädler, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Nina Bacinger, Eva Urschler, Sandra Feldbaumer, Ruta Vimba, Jolanta Vilumsone, Dace Ozolina, Liga Neimane, Agate Lorence, Zane Zaharova, Erik Annerborn, Natali Fikas, Iman Aldebe, Shirley George, Mika Lindholm, Julia Vernersson, Carolin Nowicki, Sarah Käsmayer, Theresa Ißleib, Kito Colchester, Cristin Sauer, Maria Perez Fernandez, Pablo Suarez Sanches, Yesika Fernandez Diaz, Lucía García Rey, Marta Domínguez Lloria and Pablo Vazquez. Photo: Rupert Pessl
One of the brilliant projects by the participants of the workshop - Confess to Mother Earth. It's more difficult to get away with consumerism when you have to confess your sins directly to mother earth... Photo: Rupert Pessl organized a series of fashion and commodity upcycling workshops together with Kulturhuset in Stockholm and Botkyrka municipality. Sandra Kinnaman Norström and Erik Annerborn in front of a Christmas tree with up-cycled trash directly from Kulturhuset's basement. Photo: The Good Tribe
During the end of the year Evelina and Michael Bauer-Leeb's efforts with their Master's Thesis started for real. Their work, investigating how to improve the communication between Social Entrepreneurs and Business Angels will be ready during the spring 2011. Photo: Rupert Pessl