Fashion and you change the world!

Are you interested in the connection between fashion, climate change and human rights? Do you love making fashion, photography, street art or movies? Are you curious about D.I.Y, artivism and craftivistm?

Do you want to spend 10 days with likeminded, energetic and creative young people from five European countries creating a mobile exhibition, learning from one another and contributing with your ideas on how we can change the world!?

Wow! Then this is definitely something for you!

Dates: 3rd to 12th of August 2010 Place: fashionLAB Graz, Austria Partners organizations and countries: (Austria), The Good Tribe (Sweden), Ye too ponese (Spain), Creative group MYSTYLe Art (Latvia) and Kulturlabor Trial & Error e.V. (Germany).

We are looking for participants… … between 18 and 25 years old. … who speak and write good English. … who have previous experience in making fashion, photography, street art, movies, artivism or craftivism. ... who have previous experience in working with climate change or human rights or are curious on how to connect these topics to fashion. ... who want to use their creativity as a tool to create change and consciousness. … who see themselves as doers, leaders, change agents or entrepreneurs. … who would put heart and soul into the exchange and be part of creating the exhibition!

Application deadline The application deadline is 10th of July, 2010.