Meeting Alexandra and Evelina after

80 hours of sorting clothes, 1300 pieces of clothes, 12 hours of swapping and, 300 visitors, 7 designers and uncountable smiles later –’s Clothes Swapping and was a success.

On February 27th, the informal network, organized its first event; a clothes swapping and in the art gallery < rotor > in Graz. People could hand in clothes they wanted to swap during the week before the event in exchange for coupons, which they could swap for new clothes during the 12-hour event. During the swapping seven designers, doing screen print, embroideries, applications, stamping with old print letters, knitting and sewing helped curious customers to pimp their newly found outfits.

Evelina Lundqvist, one of the founders of The Good Tribe initiated and managed

“Clothes swapping in it self is nothing new. It has probably existed as long as we’ve been wearing clothes. However, the combination of having a larger group of people swapping and restyling old clothes together feels innovative and very important”, says Evelina.

“One of the most important thoughts behind is that we consume too much, on an average, as if we had 1,5 globes. is one method of questioning and reducing consumption. We need to keep as many items in the product cycle as long as possible, and swapping clothes we’ve gotten tired of is one way of not having to produce entirely new things.”

Alexandra Pötz, fashion designer was engaged in developing and managing

“All the time during the event we were asked when the next event scheduled. At this point we don’t know if and when we would organize another clothes swapping… but it would be really interesting. Perhaps we should really do it again! It was so much fun! But then we need more money. The budget this time was very tight”, states Alexandra.

“We also know some things we can do better if we organize another swapping. We have to have more people sorting the clothes. This time we were literally working until our hands where bleeding from being scratched by the clothes hangers, says Evelina with a smile and continues.

“Now the job to realize the second part of the project begins. If everything runs smoothly, the youth exchange will take place in Graz sometime this year. We’re inviting young designers to a 10 days long workshop on how design, climate change and eco-sustainability go together…. or rather, how they don’t go together – at all. Fashion and design have a very negative influence on the environment and people through usage of extreme amounts of water, poisonous chemicals and exploitation of land, poor working conditions etc. There’s much to be done.

“We really want to thank all visitors who swapped clothes, everyone who volunteered during the event, all invited designers and everyone else who made come true”, says Alexandra.

“And, oh! We should add what happens to the clothes that were left over. Most of it will be sent to Rumania, some sent to Caritas and the leftovers which can be used for designer clothes will be used for the youth exchange. And, yes… we have some other ideas we’re working on aswell… it would be great to see grow to a big movement, finishes Alexandra.

Interview: The Good Tribe