What does The Good Tribe do?

Two days ago, we received some really interesting questions from one of our fans, Nick. Questions about what The Good Tribe does and what our objectives and goals are in ten years. These are really important questions for us to define and we are really happy that we get support from fans to do so. Thanks Nick!

Question Hello there Good Tribers, Ok, so we’re all proactive people here. I see that the founders have good energy and do consulting with a conscience. But what’s this all about? What will The Good Tribe have achieved in five or ten years? I’d like to know more about your objectives and goals. /Nick London and beyond

Answer Hi Nick!

We are really happy to receive your questions and thoughts! =)

The Good Tribe’s objective is to create awareness and to empower people/companies/organizations to think outside of the conventional framework to create sustainable growth in our global community.We do this by creating and developing our own ideas and our customers’ ideas and by spreading good examples that are already out there. As we’ve just started we are working small scaled with the ambition to grow. Note that when we write sustainability we mean it in a broader sense covering leadership, environment and equality.

In ten years The Good Tribe will be a global movement in which sustainable business ideas flourish. We'll be a gathering of sharp, creative social entrepreneurs executing ideas using the same platform/brand. We will have broadened our consultancy business and will be working more focused towards companies and global organizations with strategic sustainable development.

To give you concrete input, these are some project we're working on right now:

- Green Business Conference We’re developing a conference concept for a Swedish municipality on sustainable business and creating meeting points between companies and local social entrepreneurs to create green synergies that decrease the municipality’s carbon emission.

- Heroes of Change Swedish conference for coaching people within the public sector working hands-on with change processes.

- Social Innovation Camp 2010 It’s a 22 hour sustainable business competition for young Swedish social entrepreneurs. The winning ideas will be presented at YES Summit 2010.

We are still defining and processing our goals and objectives but we hope this made it a bit clearer for you =) Thank you for taking the time to reflect on what we do. We appreciate your input a lot!! And we’ll keep you updated =)

/Gaya and Eve

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