Busy Zero Waste Jam Monday

Bernd Hosticky - Zero Waste Jam - Global 2000 - Festival Radln Yesterday was a super busy Zero Waste Jam day.

We kickstarted the week with one of our first Zero Waste Jam deliveries (ever!!) for Global 2000's Tomorrow Festival - FestivalRadln Picknick. Thanks Bernd Hosticky for your order! Hope you like our jam.

During the afternoon we (as in Michael, Arne, Evelina and The Good Tribe's intern Saskia) met up with Andrea Lunzer and Sandra Kozeschnik, Packaging experts and fellow HUB Vienna members of Unfold, and Zero Waste Jam's art director and packaging designer Zora Göschl. The focus of the afternoon was to crack the nut of Zero Waste Jam's packaging needs. Zero waste and packaging does not always go together, as you can imagine... It was very interesting to get together with experts and discuss possibilities and challenges. We hope to share some of our findings with you in the near future. Stay tuned.

Oh! And thanks to Vladlena and Matthias of Key2Office for lending us the workshops space.

Zero Waste Jam - Key2Office - Unfold

Have a great week everyone!