Action and role models at Graz Waste Management Conference 2013

The last couple of years we attended quite some conferences on the topic of sustainability. Guess what, they were all great - and it's always interesting to meet people thinking alike, to feel part of a greater transition. BUT! Almost all of them got stuck in analysing the situation. Hence we thought it's time for the next step: stop talking and start walking!

Luckily we met a courageous person willing to take this next step with us - Barbara Hammerl from ARGE Abfallvermeidung in Graz. Together we developed a conference design that assigned most of its time and space to  successful examples of sustainability put into practice. Welcome "Waste management conference 2013: Sustainability map Styria - from knowledge to action" (Title in German: Grazer Abfallwirtschaftstagung 2013 - Nachhaltigkeits-Landkarte Steiermark, "Gelebte Nachhaltigkeit - auf dem Weg vom Wissen zum Tun".) Some 130 guests coming from business, politics, science, NGOs, and civil society learned about real-life sustainability change happening all around us.

The Good Tribe's tasks during the conference comprised of structuring interviews with five examples - we called them lighthouse projects of sustainability - and moderating some interactive features including the conference's audience. The lighthouse project were: Pock BierTres Hombres, HBLA Forstwirtschaft, Ökoregion Keindorf and Diagonale. Our renowned and tested moderation method Sparks was part of the deal as well. We also offered spots for all project, NGOs and businesses that participated in the exhibition space.

Let's keep up the spirit and continue this work! If you feel your region has role models and action to show, talk to us. We can support you to show them.

Alexandra Poetz, Evelina Lundqvist and Michael Bauer-Leeb

Michael Bauer-Leeb, Alexandra Poetz & Evelina Lundqvist

More infos in German: ARGE Präsentation allgemein (mit Fotos von Leuchtturmprojekten) (PDF) Manfred Prisching's presentation (PDF) Sophie Karmasin's presentation (PDF) Image gallery and dia show.