Impressions from our stand at Fair fair

Last weekend, July 13 to 15 (Friday the 13th was a good day indeed!) was the first time we presented Zero Waste Jam to the world - and the first time we presented Zero Waste Jam and Zero Waste Apparel together. The venue for our activities was Fair fair, organized by the Austrian magazine for sustainable lifestyle, Biorama. The fair was very well attended both by the general public, and we also made quite a few business contacts during the three days. Definitely a hit!

Here are what some blogs wrote about us: (all in German) "Rettet die Reste!", Fair fair der erste Tag & Taste the Change - Use what you have!

Pinky visited our stand.

Lisa from Graz was The Good Tribe's first customer ever. (Evelina almost started to cry with happiness when Lisa said she wanted to buy a glass :))

Michael posing in Zero Waste Apparel. In the foreground Tom of Café Erde in Graz from Rupert's photo series of Alexandra's Zero Waste Apparel cooking aprons.

Zero Waste yoga pillows designed by Alexandra. Made out of old onion bags - only!

Zero Waste Apparel's cooking aprons waiting to be inspected and tried.

Happy customers :) Thanks for your support!

Fabulous Zero Waste Apparel skirts and dresses made of old Austrian traditional clothes.

Already early Sunday ALL Zero Waste Jam was gone - even the biggest most expensive glasses. We've got a feeling that we could have sold lots more. Fantastic feeling that our customers and other interested people understand and like - and buy the product! Thank you so much for your support!

Photo: The Good Tribe