Zero Waste Summer Weeks for kids and youth in Austria

Soon Austrian school holidays begin! This summer our fellow tribster, fashion designer and upcycling expert Alexandra Poetz will organize five exciting and creative zero waste summer camp weeks for children and youth in Graz and Styria.

The five weeks are:

  1. WasteArt → Trash transformed into art
  2. TextileTransformation → The enchanting art of design. How to transform a shirt into...
  3. FashionArt → Be a fashion designer, be an artist
  4. TheatreThings → Let's play with treasures
  5. RoomThings → How architecture connect all things in the room

Read more in German here or contact Alexandra +43 676 610 40 52
, alexandra [a] thegoodtribe [dot] com directly.

Happy holidays!

PS. The photo above is from last years summer camp. All of the children are wearing self-made clothes! Cooool huhhh!