Photo impressions from ZeroWasteFest!

During ZeroWasteFest! we ran several DIY (Do It Yourself) workshops in Mangolds Restaraunt und Café in Graz, May 12 to 14, lead by upcycling expert and tribster Alexandra Poetz. Here are some of our impressions from the workshops! Thanks to everyone who participated! We'll get back to you on who won the dinner in Mangolds shortly. Stay tuned :)

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Kira, Manoah and their mother Alexandra pimped up cooking aprons. Kira's cooking apron is designed by Alexandra Poetz.

Creative collaboration.

These drawings turned into prints, and an old shirt became a new shirt.

"Hm... What should I draw...!"

Green love!

The Good Tribe's intern Elena working together with workshop participants.

Projectors are great for conveying important messages - play - and the logo of our main partner for ZeroWasteFest! Thanks again Saubermacher! We really appreciate your support.

Alfredo created a Barbagreen.

Thanks for participating! Your cooking aprons look amazing!

We heart Mangolds. So does Manoah.

Worn out jeans decorated with sea creatures for a new look.

Photo: The Good Tribe, Elena Zepharovich