The Good Tribe work with clients, as well as own initiatives that we create on our own, or together with other dedicated change makers. Here's more information about a select few of the initiatives that we have worked with over the last couple of years.



Work with clients, the City of Östersund and the County of Jämtland Härjedalen, through The Good Tribe in Sweden. In the team: Evelina Lundqvist, Elisabeth Wadin and Emelie Lundqvist.

Leading up to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network's global annual meeting, The Good Tribe has been commissioned to gather local and regional stakeholders interested in offering activities to the county's residents. Our work resulted in the Culture and Gastronomy Week, 12-18 September 2016. 

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Work with client, the City of Graz, through The Good Tribe in Austria. In the team: Evelina Lundqvist, Alexandra Poetz and Vera Tödling. 

UmweltZirkus is a participatory festival where the visitors can experience and learn more about sustainable life in the city. The Good Tribe conceptualised and organised GrazerUmweltZirkus 2015 and 2016. Ca 5000 people visited the festival each year. In 2015 ca 80 organisations offered activities to the public, by 2016 the number had risen to 100 organisations.

 Watch the movie clip with impressions from UmweltZirkus 2016.



This cluster of initiatives - partly based on our own work, partly work for clients, is deeply rooted in The Good Tribe's capacity to train and empower youth to create and realise ideas that benefit the development of the youths' own communities. The initiatives mentioned above are now merging into their own organisation, The Good Talents.

In the team: Gayathri Rathinavelu, Sandra Kinnaman Nordström, Evelina Lundqvist and Ida Lemoine.


ZERO WASTE JAM (2012-2015)

Own initiative. In the team: Evelina Lundqvist, Michael Bauer-Leeb, Marta Cociancig, Helene Pattermann, Cornelia Diesenreiter, Arne Heß and Zora Göschl. 

Making jam out of fruits that would otherwise be thrown away. Sometimes it's time to kill a darling. This happened to Zero Waste Jam, which is no longer an active project. However,  we continuously keep getting requests to advice or mentor others that want to pursue similar goals working against food waste. 



Own initiative in cooperation with Mangolds Restaurant und Café. In the team: Evelina Lundqvist, Alexandra Poetz and Michael Bauer-Leeb. 

Zero Waste Fest highlighted solutions to some of the issues that our consumerism take-make-waste society creates. Designer Alexandra Poetz's Zero Waste Cooking Aprons, DIY-workshops and The Good Tribe's publication “Towards Zero Waste” was the focus of the event.


EARTH.RE.CREATE (2009-2011)

Own initiative. In the team: Evelina Lundqvist and Alexandra Poetz, later joined by Gayathri Rathinavelu and Sandra Kinnaman Nordström. 

What started as an experimental Clothes Swapping event in Graz, evolved into an international youth exchange and training for young artists from Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain and Latvia. The initiative explored the connections between climate change, human rights and youth's consumption and creation of fashion.